Hebe lozano

Founder-President-Music Teacher

Ms. Hebe Lozano is a professional guitarist and music teacher graduated with honors from the Superior Institute of Arts in Havana, where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar.

 Ms. Lozano forms part of The Miami Classical Guitar Society and Miami Guitar Orchestra. She has performed as a soloist in numerous cities of Mexico, Cuba and U.S.A., and she has participated in important guitar events, such as the 3rdedition of International Guitar Festival, San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato), and International Guitar Festival of Havana, Cuba.

Ms. Lozano is also a passionate music teacher who loves teaching children, for her, inspire them to play music is the most rewarding job ever. She has 10 years of experience teaching Music Initiation, Music Theory, Piano and Guitar. 


nataly lozano

Founder-Vicepresident-Music Teacher

Ms. Nataly Lozano is exceptional spirit, vision, and passion for music and children alike, are the soul, brain, and heart behind the whole ¨HENA music and art academy¨ experience. She strongly believes that creating a positive and caring atmosphere promotes creativity and learning among students and teachers.

Ms. Nataly is graduated from the Superior Institute of the Arts in Cuba. She has two "Bachelor's Degrees," one in Piano Performance, and another in Choral Conducting. She has been teaching music at many schools in Cuba, Mexico and US. She is an experienced teacher in all levels, as well as a passioned teacher developing the artistic talents and abilities of students.


greta gomis

Piano and Voice Teacher

Ms. Greta Gomis, is a music instructor at the “HENA Music and Art Academy”. She graduated from the Superior Institute of Arts, in Havana, Cuba. She majored in Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance. Throughout her career, she has been a pianist accompanist and a member of the prestigious “Cuban National Choir”. In addition, she conducted the Children National Choir, and brings a lot of her academic and practical experience to continue to teaching piano and voice. As a musician, Ms. Greta had the opportunity to travel to many countries such as Germany, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and USA, participating in different international festivals and contests. She loves her students and throughly enjoys being a part of their musical journey. 



Trumpet, Saxophone and Trombone Teacher

Coming soon.



Art Teacher

A painter characterized by transmitting the human wisdom through his artworks. His talent allows him to capture the soul of people by reflecting, with original skill, every emotion of the human heart on the canvas, using oil and acrylic as means to create realistic, impressionist and modern art works.

He is the son of Susana Sánchez Cubas and Francisco Benítez González, born in Ciego de Avila, Cuba. His vocation for art was awakened since he was just a child. His favorite game was the graphite pencils with which he used to make curious drawings. This attraction for the drawing was evolving so that there was no day without drawing lines on a paper, making portraits of everything around him, people, landscapes, animals, etc. Then, thanks to his curiosity, he used to get liquid colors by rubbing the plants, roots and all the material that he found in his path just to paint on canvas.

Elí always felt attraction for history, its cause and origin. This led him to devote time collecting archaeological objects of the Indians and to investigate in relation to their culture, customs and rites. Such was the quality of the collected samples, which are a very important part of the archaeological museum of Ciego de Avila, Cuba.

Years later he graduated as an art teacher at Manuel Suárez Delgado School and was among the top three records of his graduation. Elí earned the respect of all his friends and professors in everything related to art and its different expressions, due to his technique and skills in the use of oils and acrylics as well.